Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A World I Never Made by James LePore

"How shall I address you?" she asked, meeting and holding his gaze, telling him with her eyes that she respected him was grateful for his offer.
"Abdullah will be fine."
"Not Professor?"
"May I ask, Abdullah, are you Muslim?" Through a small window behind the chess table, Megan had seen three men kneeling on faded wool mats in a dusty courtyard, praying, their foreheads touching the ground. "I thought I heard the call to prayer."
"I am a Coptic Christian."
"Ah. Iraqi?"
"No, Syrian."
"Can you worship here?"
"You cannot stop a man from worshiping, even if there are no churches."
"Yes, I will play," Megan said. And we will talk.

p. 94 (uncorrected Advance Reader Copy)

"Abdulla....," she said.
"There is nothing you can say, child. What is done is done. But I would be putting my own soul in jeopardy if I did not try to prevent the killing of this innocent babe. It is a terrible and tragic destiny to be killed by your own mother before you are born. To be so unloved."

p.155 (uncorrected ARC)

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