Sunday, May 17, 2009


"I don't want to talk about it,: I say, blinking at the water globes that are now red and forming into a tulip.
"What do you want to talk about?" he whispers, gazing at me with those yes, two infinite pools luring me in.
"I don't want to talk," I whisper, holding my breath as his lips met mine.


"The kiss gets sweeter with every incarnation." He sighs, pulling away and brushing my hair off my face. "Though we never seem to make it further than that. And now I know why." He presses his forehead to mine, infusing me with such joy, such all-consuming love, then sighing deeply before pulling away.


He pulls me into his arms, his touch calm and soothing, but unable to erase the truth. "I have to go," he finally whispers. "But Ever, if you want to love me, if you truly want to be with me, then you'll have to accept what we are. I'll understand if you can't."



  1. Life isn't an open book test

  2. This whole series is great! I haven't read the fourth, but the first three I liked.

  3. The series is wonderful. Alyson has done an amazing job. Who can't wait till winter when the fifth comes out?