Monday, March 9, 2009


Wake by Lisa McMann

And then they play truth or dare.

Carrie alternates: truth, dare, truth, dare.
Melinda always picks truth.
And then there's Janie.

Janie never picks truth.
She's a dare girl.
That way, nobody gets inside.
She can't afford to let anyone inside.
They might find out about her secret.


The director smiles. She hands Janie an envelope. "this is for you," she says.
"What is it?"
"I don't know. It's something from Miss Stubin. We found it in her belongings after the coroner came. Open it."
Janie's eyes grow wide. Her fingers shake a little. She breaks open the seal and pulls out a folded piece of stationery. When she opens it, a small piece of paper flutters to the ground. She reads. The handwriting is barely legible. Crooked. Written with a blind hand.

Dear Janie,
Thank you for my dreams.
From one catcher to another,
Martha Stubin
P.S. You have more power than you think.

Janie's heart stutters. She draws in a breath. No, she thinks. Impossible.

p. 109

1:03 p.m.

He's sitting in a dark jail cell. Alone. Above his head is a sign that says, "Drug Pusher."
Janie watches from outside the cell.
His head is down.

The scene changes abruptly.

He's in Janie's room, sitting on the floor, writing something on a pad of paper. Alone. He looks up at her, beckoning her with his eyes. She takes a few steps forward.

He holds up the notepad.
It's not what you think.
That's what it says.

He tears off that sheet of paper. Below it is another sheet in his handwriting.
I think I'm in love with you.

Janie's stomach lurches.

He looks at the tablet for a long moment. Then he turns to Janie and rips off one more sheet. He watches her face as she reads it.
Hows do you like my new trick?

He grins at her, and fades.
The scene changes again. Back in the jail cell. The sign above his head is gone.
He is alone. She watches from outside. His head is down. Then he looks up at her.
A ring of keys floats in front of her.
"Let me out," he says. "Help me."

Janie is startled. She moves automatically and unlocks the cell. He walks to her, takes her in his arms. He looks into her eyes. He sinks his fingers into her hair and kisses her. Janie steps out of herself as she's kissing Cabel. She walks away into a dark hallway and eases herself back to awareness in the library.

She blinks.
Sits up.
Looks at him.
He's still asleep at his table.
She rubs her eyes and wonders:

How the hell did he do that?
Now what?

p. 146-147


  1. The girls have this book and both have read it. The quotes you posted had my heart a beating. Guess I'm going to have to read this one too.

  2. oh I loved this book, especially when he creates a dream for her - so romantic.

  3. Loved all these passages--I want to read so many of them now!

  4. Wake, along with the other two books that go along with it, is one of my all time favorites. Those passages still make my heart race :)