Saturday, March 7, 2009


words by Mariko Tamaki
drawings by Jillian Tamaki

Mrs. Hornet said she's particularly concerned about people like me, because people like me are prone to depression and depressing stimuli.

Mrs. Hornet says students who are members of the "gothic" culture (i.e. ME) are very fragile.

Truthfully I am always a little depressed but that is just because I am sixteen and everyone is stupid (ha-ha-ha). I doubt it has anything to do with being a goth.

John Reddear was on the VOLLEYBALL TEAM, not a goth, and he KILLED HIMSELF!!!!

How come all the girls on the soccer team aren't in counseling?

p. 22

p. 86 the pictures describe how Skim and Hien, a vietname girl that was adopted, are at a slumber party when they're 13 and are shoved outside by all of the other girls who are pretending that there is an air raid. They lock the door and laugh at them and don't let them back inside.

These drawings remind me of how cruel kids are to each other. Here's a quote from that scene.....

Hien's parents adopted her from Vietnam two years earlier and she never got invited to parties. Maybe she thought that's how people left parties in Canada. Asians first.

(Skim is Asian too)

p. 86

This is the stuff that I have heard about John since he died:

1) That he was happy, outgoing and athletic, and he liked volleyball and music.

2) That he was secretly suffering from depression.

3) That he was MAYBE a star volleyball player and depressed person who was ALSO in love with a boy who was on the St. Michael's second-string volleyball team.

Maybe this is why he decided to overdose on his mother's heart pills. (Note: Lisa said she never said he shot himself. It was just a RUMOR)

No one talked about John being gay at the ceremony.

Surprise, surprise.

Although Julie Peters practically ripped Anna Canard's tongue out when she brought it up afterwards.

P.S. No one knows if the boy from the volleyball team loved John back....

pgs. 94-95

Dear Diary,
I think there are a lot of way to be marked.

If you are ugly, like Natasha Cake who has no eyebrows and doesn't wash her hair, then you are marked to be treated like crap for life.

I have eyebrows and wash but I think I am solos marked to some degree (biologically) as a weirdo for life. (Mom says that there is nothing about my appearance that I don't contribute to with my habits.)

People can also mark you. Scott Bouffant marked me in grade nine with a disgusting hickey that didn't go away for a week.

Me= slut for a whole week.

(He never even called me afterwards because I wouldn't give him a handjob-BECAUSE I'D JUST MET HIM!!!!)

Lisa's mother got drunk once and told us that all relationships leave a scare. Lisa said her mothe was talking about VD (=Venereal Disease- I had to look it up.) Lisa said you could have a VD and not even know it.

I think everything you do and everything people do to you leaves a mark, or at least if affects who you are.

pgs. 124-125

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  1. Sounds like it could be another good one. I've never read a graphic novel. It might be something Laney would like.