Friday, March 13, 2009


Laika by Nick Abadzis

Setting: Yelena is talking to the dogs in their cages. She's talking to Albina....

"What would you say if you could talk?"

"Let me out" "Let me go." "What's it like to touch space?" "Being shot in a tin missile up into the sky?" "It's noisy, frightening and very dangerous." "Let me go."


Scene: Chief Designer is talking to Dr. Gazenko

CD: "I only hope that the technical achievement of Sputnik II will outweigh the sad but necessary sacrifice of one small dog."

DG: "Indeed."

CD: " Now, let's go over some dates. The dogs will need to arrive at the launch ground on the 29th...And I must tell you about the radio broadcast."

DG: is not paying attention at this moment and instead is focusing his attention on Laika being put into her space suit and taken over to the space pod. The look on Laika's face is so sad and the doctor is overcome with guilt, frustration, and sadness.

DG: "Excuse me for a moment, gentlemen."

DG: leaves the control room and goes to the men's restroom. There he enters a stall and sits down with his head in his hands and starts to cry.....

DG: "I'm sorry, Kudryava (Laika's original name)....I'm sorry Yelena...."

p. 139

The pages from 162-186 broke my heart. I can't post the quotes because that would be 24 pages but if you read this book, please remember these pages...I'm sure the images will invoke the same feelings they did in me. Sadness, loss of friendship, betrayal, confusion, hatred, and sorrow.

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